Literally The WORST

F-Wheel (飞轮威尔) is the worst company we have ever dealt with. They were more than happy to take our money (over $200,000 worth), and we were happy because we thought we were getting quality merchandise we could resell, but that wasn’t the case. We ended up getting $200,000 worth of paperweights. Soon after trying to resell the hoverboards, the customer complaint’s started to come in. “My hoverboard is broken.” “My hoverboard won’t charge.” “My hoverboard is falling apart.” Thankfully we never received any reports of the merchandise we were selling causing any sort of injury to people or property damage, but that is besides the point. F-Wheel sold us $200,000 worth of defective merchandise and after being confronted about it, made to attempt to amend the situation. That’s not how business is done. The purpose of this website and blog is to create an online awareness of the unlawful and shady business practices of F-Wheel and their subsidiaries. However long it takes, we will see to it that justice is served.

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