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F-Wheel claims a lot of things. Many of which the company fails to provide any proof to support. Their about page on their website states that they are Sino-German joint venture, but there is simply no evidence of this claim anywhere on their website. All research on the company points to a strictly Chinese operation. Does F-Wheel believe that having German partners would offer them any sort of credibility? The quality of a companies products should speak for themselves. Attempting to add any sort of flair to your name based on location is just gimmicky. All we want are good products and good customer service. They also state that the company has been covered substantially by both foreign and domestic media. Was the coverage good or bad press? Show us the links. The company claims to cooperate with Huanghe S&T University. That’s awesome, but again, show us the links. We want proof. We aren’t saying any of these claims are falsified (but the company does rip videos from other YouTube channels and upload them to their own channel without giving any sort of credit to the original publishers), we just want some proof.

Here’s some links to a few of their stolen videos (they didn’t even bother changing titles). Let’s see how long they stay up

original authors:



stolen non-credited videos

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